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Bartec have been fitting custom vehicle modifications and ute customisations for over 15 years. Located in Wollongong, our experienced team have a reputation for delivering high quality products and reliable customer service.

Wide Range of Custom Vehicle Alterations

With seating, windows, alloy Ute trays, steel trays, custom Ute trays, tow bars, Aluminium Ute Trays, Aluminium Ute Canopy, Custom Ute Canopy, Ute tray canopy, alloy Ute canopy, Alloy Trays, Ute Tray Modifications, racking and more, Bartec will help you find the right vehicle accessories to suit your requirements.

We can build whatever custom van fit out you require. We’ll find a solution that is functional and is within your budget.

Our range of custom Ute accessories includes tradesperson cabinets, Ute Tray Modifications, custom Ute Canopy, custom Ute Trays, Alloy Ute Canopy, toolboxes, Alloy Ute Trays, cargo drawers and more.

We have a wide variety of vehicle accessories to cover any needs, including tow bars, custom ute trays, Aluminium Ute Canopy, Aluminium ute trays, Alloy Ute Canopy, Alloy Ute Trays, seat covers and more.



Increase the longevity of your fleet by getting custom fitted Bullbars for your vehicles



Our Aluminium Ute Trays are heavy-duty, high-quality and designed to last. Our Ute tray canopy fit most Ute makes and models.

Tool Boxes

Tool Boxes

Our range of  toolboxes are high quality, affordable and will complement all your working needs.


Fast, reliable and spot on in their prices. Can’t recommend them enough.

Barry Sudmalis
Harrigan Motor Group

Illawarra Toyota have worked with Bartec for over 10 years and our dealings have always been positive. Their workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding and are always willing to meet our clients timeframe expectations.

Illawarra Toyota have always believed in supporting local business. We will continue promote and refer business to the team at Bartec.

John Oldbury,
Group Fleet Manager
Illawarra Toyota

Harrigan Motor Group would like to thank Bartec, Unanderra NSW for their support in our NBCF Annual Charity Gold Day 2017 with your kind donation of:

5 $100 Gift Vouchers: Valued @ $500.00

They day was a great success and we look forward to your ongoing support in the future.

Leah Monks
Business Development Manager
Harrigan Motor Group

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389 Old Five Islands Road, Unanderra NSW 2526

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